Hosted on an ESP32

This website is hosted on an ESP32 and used to be hosted on an ESP8266 to demonstrate what you can do with them!
Checkout the GitHub repo for the code and feel free to contribute!


Memory Usage
Temperature (±2°F)
Altitude (±1 hPa or 3.3 ft)
Humidity (±3%)



2/16/2023 - Checkout my other project HelloPico which is a similar website hosted on a Raspberry Pi Pico W!
1/30/2023 - I have published the final version of the site (I might add more stuff later), I hope you all enjoy this project!
7/6/2022 - I have added an image of the ESP32 with the BME280 sensor.
7/5/2022 - All images on this website are now hosted on the ESP32 and I have migrated to ESPAsyncWebServer!
7/4/2022 - The visitor counter is now completely hosted off of the ESP32 using the SPIFFs filesystem!
7/2/2022 - I have added temperature, altitude and humidity stats with readings from a BME280 sensor and soon I plan on running the ESP32 powering this website fully off of solar!
6/29/2022 - I have migrated the website over to an ESP32 for a performance boost and to add things such as a BME280 for temperature, pressure and altitude readings when it arrives!
6/28/2022 - I have started adding some statistics about the chip onto the website. I am still working on the CPU Usage, feel free to help contribute the project on the Github repo.
6/27/2022 - HelloESP has launched, this is a little project of mine to show what can be done with an ESP8266/32 and to showcase other cool things with it! I hope you all find this to be as intresting as I did when I made this!